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A Hour of Thrones

by M.G. Siegler


‘Your’ vs. ‘My’

John Gruber reacting to Tom Warren's piece about the iPad (with iOS 11) still not being able to replace your laptop:

Imagine a review of the Mac SE/30 in 1989 that instead of focusing on all the things that were great about it — both the things that were great about the Mac ever since 1984 and especially the tremendous improvement in performance and user-interface snappiness that the SE/30 brought to the board — focused instead on the things that were still faster or better on DOS, like games or being able to write batch files. That’s what these “iPad Pro Still Can’t Replace Your Laptop” reviews feel like to me.

Very much agree. For as many articles there are about using the iPad as your primary computer -- and I've written a number of them -- others seems to take just as much joy in writing articles about how the iPad (or tablets in general) will never replace your computer. 

Which side would you take in that argument? 

Think about that, then watch a child use an iPad. Or watch my mother use her iPad. Laptops are too bulky, confusing, and cumbersome for a large swath of people -- basically everyone that didn't grow up with them (which includes both children and my mother). The real argument is phones versus tablets. And I still suspect the ultimate answer will be "both".


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