How Dubsmash revived itself as #2 to TikTok

TikTok has taken seemingly taken over social media, with teens fighting to become TikTok famous and turning into overnight celebrities. That said, it's well worth it for you to learn about Dubsmash, a less well-known but equally viral app with 27% market share, second only to TikTok. It has found an incredibly loyal audience amongst young African Americans, an increasingly sought after demographic with major cultural influence, threatening TikTok's position as the cultural driver for the next generation.

TikTok has already taken notice. Shown in a leak of its moderation guidelines from Netzpolitik, the company’s policy is to downrank the visibility of any video referencing or including a watermark from direct competitors, including Dubsmash, Triller, Lasso, Snapchat and WhatsApp. That keeps Dubsmash videos, which you can save to your camera roll, from going viral on TikTok and luring users away.
TikTok also continues to aggressively buy users via ads on competing apps like Facebook thanks to the billions in funding raked in by its parent ByteDance. In contrast...Dubsmash has never spent a dollar on user acquisition, influencer marketing or any other source of growth. That makes it achieving even half to a third of as many installs as TikTok in the U.S. an impressive fete.


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