Amazon: Retailers Gonna Retail

What if many of the recent changes reflect not a path to domination, but Amazon’s journey as a more traditional retailer? In this piece Steven Sinofsky of a16z he makes the case that "retail is so unpredictable, yet brutally predictable" and, because Amazon is at its core, a retailer, they too will be predictable in their trajectory.

Historically rollover is due to a secular change in how people both buy and sell stuff. We might call this disruption, but these changes are tied to transport, communication, suburbanization, etc. No mistake, there’s innovation but in retail this is a response to secular change.
Each generation of retail can be thought of as a response to the structural changes in society — people need things and retailers provide them. If the things people need, the places they go to get them, or the way they find them change, then retailers adapt (or innovate) to meet those needs.


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