Why is dbt so important?


Last summer, we migrated Monzo's entire analytics infrastructure to dbt from a homegrown solution. This took significant effort, but I'm glad we did it. This post explains why we took a bet on dbt, and why I think it's one of the most important data tools around.

Stephen Whitworth ran the initial dbt implementation at Monzo and we've spent a ton of time with he and his team since then. It's been a real pleasure—the Monzo team has made a huge investment in dbt and we're incredibly excited to have found such a group of smart, invested users to partner with.

This article demonstrates just how much Stephen and the team there really grok what we're trying to do with dbt's product design. dbt isn't complicated, instead it's designed to make a lot of typical data transformation problems just kind of vanish if you work in the way the tool wants you to. Stephen does a fantastic job of describing the core principles. Want more from Monzo? Watch the video below.


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