Dit doet een Growth and Trends Editor bij BuzzFeed


Ik vind het altijd heel interessant om te lezen wat voor 'moderne' functies redacties hebben. Neem dit interview met Delia Cai. Zij is Growth and Trends Editor bij BuzzFeed.

I work with editors, writers, and strategists (basically anyone who touches the site) to help them figure out the best ways they can use BuzzFeed’s data to inform their coverage and build a game plan. For instance, I help identify topics that can be covered in a unique, BuzzFeed kind of way. I also spend a lot of time thinking about the coverage we do for tentpole events such as the Super Bowl and the Grammy Awards. I look at what’s worked in the past and what we should be focusing on this year. One of our insights from this year, for example, was that the Super Bowl’s halftime show was more important to our audiences than the actual game itself.

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