Amazon Developing Game Streaming Service

Speaking of video games... Jessica Toonkel and Kevin McLaughlin have a scoop about Amazon's intentions:

Amazon’s collection of games businesses is overseen by Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services. The company has a motley collection of game initiatives, including a studio developing its own games, development tools for other game developers and Twitch, a video streaming service that has been especially popular for broadcasting online game matches.
Amazon’s status as the leading online retailer could give it a further advantage in launching a game streaming service. It also makes an array of devices that already can be used to play downloadable games, including its Fire TV set top box and Fire tablets, and could be used to play a streaming service.

To me, this all makes a lot of sense. First, the connection to Twitch is right there and obvious. But second, I continue to believe the cloud is the bigger picture here. It feels like if and when this type of service takes off, Microsoft is in prime position given Xbox and Azure. They could vault Sony, finally. But Amazon, as the clear cloud leader, is a wild card. They can enter from seemingly out of nowhere (again, not exactly given Twitch) thanks to AWS and yes, those Fire TV set top boxes (and tablets) -- like someone else could have done back in the day...


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