Knowledge through Evergreen Notes

Maggie Appleton has been writing a beautiful series on Digital Gardens, which are deeply interconnected note systems.

Her latest installment with elegant illustrations complements our dive into Knowledge Management vaults on the YouTube channel this week.

She highlights the qualities of Evergreen Notes (notes of permanent relevance):

  1. Atomic - a single, tightly contained idea per note.
  2. Concept Oriented - built around ideas, topics, or themes — not around events or source material (i.e., books, articles, etc...)
  3. Declarative Titles - for quick, unambiguous recognition at a glance.
  4. Densely Linked - organically connected rather than under hierarchical structures.

I agree with every point here. My only qualification is that while organic links are powerful and valuable, ideally it would also have a hierarchical structure in addition for easy access from a different framework than the serendipity of organic exploration.


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