Lessons learned managing the GitLab Data team


What follows are a few lessons I learned (and relearned!) in my 1 year stint as the manager of the Data team. (...) While I was Manager, GitLab grew in size by ~300%. Having only worked previously at established companies and at a very small startup, I was not prepared for this level of growth and the strain it would put on our resources.

Wow—what a fantastic post. There are not a lot of people who have gone on the ride that Taylor Murphy has gone on, scaling a data org as their company went through hypergrowth. Taylor's takeaways are spot on, and demonstrate not just what a great job he did in his 1-year stint on the role, but how the larger organizational culture at Gitlab made it possible. It's not often that "blitzscaling" happens while keeping quality and culture, and it's hard.

Kudos Taylor, and congrats on switching back to the IC track :D


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