Amazon Acquires Podcast Network Wondery

Amazon bought Wondery, a podcast studio, probably for about $300m. The issue is still that lots of people are trying to work out what toll gates or aggregation points might be possible in podcasting, given that by default the content is free and on every app. Can you buy exclusive content to pull people to your app? Do ads live in the podcast with very limited metrics? How big might paid podcasts be?

If you go back ten years on articles - reading not listening - we were asking the same questions over our free news websites. Apparently it was important to build up a habit with users and then get a small percentage to pay for premium content.

How different streaming video works like Netflix, with people signing up and zero content for free upfront. Because the entry barriers are high in making series, there is no free competition like in podcasts. But then again, there are plenty of free articles out there as well. Feels like asking money for content is always the more sustainable model, to be honest.


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