Should Your Data Warehouse Have an SLA?

Yes, if you want to build a truly data-driven organization your data warehouse needs a Service Level Agreement (SLA). At the core of any data driven organization is trust - your stakeholders must trust that when they need data, it will be there and it will be accurate. Without trust in the data warehouse, your organization will be less likely to use data to drive decisions big and small.

Could not agree more, and "SLA" just isn't in most analysts' vocabularies today.

If you're a close reader, you'll notice that I've started feverishly linking to almost every post by brand new blog Locally Optimistic. The blog is a collaborative effort between several prominent folks in the NY data scene, and it's one of the very few places I've found where smart people are saying smart things about building data teams. I believe that this is the hardest part of solving data problems today, so this blog couldn't be more timely.

I definitely recommend following the blog directly, or just stay tuned here as I'm sure I'll continue to link to many of their posts.


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