Uber introduces a credit card | TechCrunch


Uber is getting into the credit card business.

Announced today in partnership with Barclays and Visa at the Money2020 conference in Las Vegas, the new card gives Uber yet another point of access to incredibly valuable customer information and marks another front in its campaign to assume a larger role in online and offline commerce.

The so what: The TechCrunch article is a bit snarky (although to be fair, Uber hasn't had the best track record when it comes to data privacy amongst many other issues), the way the rewards are structured makes this card very appealing to a certain demographic: those famous millennials. Emphasis on restaurants, subscriptions, travel, and online purchase. It's interesting that the card is being issued by Barclays, which historically doesn't have strong penetration amongst that segment in the US. Capital One Quicksilver holders got a taste for a couple of years with the 20% cash back on Uber rides and the credit reward it turned into. Uber has been doing some really interesting things with payments, and the rewards integration is particularly seamless.


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