Apple Outsold the Entire Swiss Watch Industry

It's not all bad news for Apple, though. Kif Leswing:

Based on newly available statistics, it now seems certain that Apple outsold the entire Swiss watch industry combined last quarter.
Yep. The company best known for making iPhones outsold Rolex, Omega, and even Swatch last quarter — combined.  


In recent months, Cook has been speaking about Apple's "wearables" business, or Watch sales plus headphone sales from products like Beats and AirPods. "Wearables were the second largest contributor to revenue growth after iPhone, which is impressive for a business that started only three years ago," Cook said earlier this month.

Yours truly, two years ago: A Flop Unlike Any Other... Also, can't wait to see what other wearables Apple has in mind. We're slowly becoming walking, talking computers piece-by-piece, Voltron-style


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