Machine learning and the right to explanation in GDPR

...the right to an explanation as defined in GDPR may be harder than expected to implement. This does not invalidate the basic premise that individuals have a right to know what is being done with their data, but – particularly with novel machine learning techniques – it means that we need to look beyond simple calls for transparency.

Since GDPR has fully gone into effect, conversation about what exactly the implications are for data processors and controllers have been ongoing. One of them is over the "right to an explanation". There is debate as to whether GDPR provides such a right at all. The main article (linked in the headline) discusses the difficulties in providing such a right in the context of modern ML.

This is not a settled topic, and probably doesn't impact you today. But it's an important topic to follow and the the authors at Open Rights Group are the most authoritative voices I've seen on it.


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