The Intriguing Story Of How Carlos Ghosn Went From A Top CEO To An International Fugitive

For those of you who haven't been following the Carlos Ghosn story since we talked about it in December of 2018, let's recap. Carlos Ghosn was universally heralded as a highly respected CEO and titan of the auto industry who was then arrested in Japan on charges that included theft and improper use of company funds. After being held for over 100 days before being allowed to post a $9m bail. He was then on house arrest in Japan for almost a year before, this past December "Ghosn allegedly orchestrated a daring breakout."

He held an event, while under house arrest, in his Tokyo residence. It was reported that—with the help of his wife and others—Ghosn hired a band of mercenaries to act as musicians. Instead of a concert, they smuggled Ghosn out of the country inside of a large instrument case. Ghosn, who stands about 5 foot 6, was easily fit into “one of the boxes intended for the transfer of musical instruments,’’ a 6-foot-tall double-base case. Ghosn was flown in a private jet to Istanbul, Turkey then rerouted to his home country of Lebanon. Lebanon does not have an extradition treaty with Japan, which enables Ghosn to avoid standing trial in Japan. He is viewed by many in Lebanon, where he grew up, as a folk hero for all of his successes. 

Are you kidding me!


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