Must Have Apps for Emerging Companies/Organizations

This article has a pretty good list of SaaS solutions across critical product categories. These are all on my recommend list, though there are a few key ones missing that I'll cover more fully in future issues...

My favorites from the list:

  • Accounting: Xero
  • Financial Data Analysis: Baremetrics or ChartMogul
  • Credit Cards Processing: Stripe
  • ACH Payments: GoCardless (better than credit Cards!)
  • Password Management: 1Password
  • Scheduling: Calendly, MixMax or Acuity (depending needs)
  • Video Calls: Zoom
  • Automation: Zapier
  • Project Management: Asana — Though I have to add Trello for more simple approach, and Notion for more customizeable implementations. I'd go with Notion.


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