Grtsk (Variable)

BlackFoundry released Grtsk, a typeface inspired by classic grotesques, but with added notes of warmth and personality. It consists of a superfamily of 126 fonts, with weights ranging from thin to bold, widths from narrow to extra wide, and 15 degrees slants and back-slants. Grtsk is also available as a three-axes variable font that unifies them all, and everything in between, in a single font file. To showcase the possibilities that Grtsk offers, BlackFoundry also created a minisite that forecasts weather all around the world (pictured above) in which every weather condition has its unique design.

What should I pair it with? Grtsk is so diverse that you could build entire design systems using its fonts alone. A good combination, out of many possibilities, would be to use Grtsk Tera for headings, paired with Grtsk Exa for body text.

View Grtsk →

View the minisite →

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