Val & Annie Hollingsworth - 7th Gen Hollingsworth & Vose - Manufacturing Innovation Since 1728 [The Business of Family Podcast]

It's not often we get to hear from a 7th generation American manufacturing family with a company that dates back to 1728 and in their family since 1793. The Hollingsworth & Vose Company is a technical manufacturer with a rich history of R&D and innovation.

  • "If we could be a good company.... that would attract good people, those good people would do good work" - [Val Hollingsworth]
  • "Be a good steward, Don't take it for granted" - [Val Hollingsworth]
  • "There has always been an unwritten ethic of having to go the extra mile if you're from the family and you're in the business" - [Val Hollingsworth]
  • "If you're trying to optimize profitability, which we all are, how do you start to invest in things that may cannibalize an already existing product?" - [Val Hollingsworth]


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