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"Publishers will acquire newsletters" - Ray Daly -

Ray is working on, a web app for reading more email newsletters. Here's his view on the newsletter world in 2021:

i. Newsletters will continue to become more like blogs because back issues are now more visible and searchable on the web. The rise of SEO.
ii. Just as news organizations (newspaper) purchased blogs when building out their web sites, they will do the same with newsletters. Every news organization needs a good portfolio of newsletters. For example, the New York Times and Washington Post each have more than 60 public newsletters. They and other organization will buy audiences to build out their portfolio. Major players.
iii. The "listletters" with no editorial content and only headlines will no longer be acceptable to subscribers or advertisers of high priced magazines who will demand content in their newsletters.
iv. The very definition of a newsletter in the public's perception will expand following the path of podcasts with many different "flavors". Serials, short runs, seasonal, "evergreen" and more. New vocabulary and opportunities.
v. Year of the newsletter reader.


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