Release Pressure Forces 40% of Devs to Skip App Testing, Study Says | ADTmag

"While some say developers have a choice job because of high salaries, another study is out pointing to a pressure-cooker environment in which the rush to release causes coders to shortcut basic security practices -- to the point of not even testing apps."

Developers outnumber app security staff 245:1. Both mobile developers and app security analysts are overwhelmed. Only 30% of mobile apps are tested for vulnerabilities -- leaving a gaping hole for attackers. Automated mobile app security testing integrated into the SDLC can bridge the gap. If you want to take a more proactive approach to mobile app security, you should build your own mobile appsec factory to shift left and run faster. We can show you how with our new e-book "The Tao of Mobile App DevSecOps." 


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