Hands on with the iPhone 7 Plus’ crazy new Portrait mode


Speaking of useful reviews, here's Matthew Panzarino with a look at the forthcoming iPhone 7 Plus "Portrait" mode (not to be confused with holding your phone in portrait mode, which has thrown me off in reading about it a few times). This is especially useful because the feature is still in beta, so it answers the "should I update to the beta build?" question, if you were lucky enough to get an iPhone 7 Plus (mine, like many folks, is stuck in a storm somewhere in the South Pacific -- be careful, iPhone 7 Plus, don't rush, get here safely).

Importantly, Panzarino also shows us what the feature looks like in side-by-sides.

By the way, the answer seems to be to hold off until the feature is a bit more polished. I'd probably just wait for it to hit the release build of iOS -- presumably in a few weeks.


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