How Sonos and Amazon Echo Learned to Talk to Each Other

To me, the biggest news here is that Sonos is finally (at least implicitly) admitting that they're not very good at software. That's putting it mildly. For as long as I've used Sonos products, their software has been a nightmare. Great hardware, awful software. So it's great to see that they're finally opening up the hardware for use with other software (Spotify being the key example cited). 

Another question: does this mean Apple Music will now work with the Echo/Alexa (at least indirectly, since Sonos works with Apple Music)? 

Finally, is it wrong to presume that future iterations of the Sonos speakers will ship with Alexa built-in? Amazon has said they want Alexa to be a platform on other hardware, so this would seemingly make a lot of sense...


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