Why Can’t Instagram Get Anybody to Care About IGTV?


For larger creators, IGTV’s business model doesn’t make it worth the time it takes to create custom content for the platform. “Everyone was super excited when IGTV launched and creators felt reenergized because they had a new place with new possibilities,” Fisher from Select explained. “There’s still some of that … but they’re finding they can’t put hours and hours into something and not get a business payoff. There has to be an incentive for the talent.” Fisher explained there is currently no monetization system on IGTV, like ads on YouTube or partnership deals with Facebook Watch. Nash Grier told Digiday in August that he was excited by IGTV’s vertical format, but that same story noted a video from Grier, who has nearly 10 million Instagram followers, got just 15,000 views in a day. Which is to say … not great returns.


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