Web & Mobile Prototyping for Designers | Savah


💡A prototype is more of a proof of concept that allows you to validate a user interface idea. The following are the reasons why it is crucial for web and mobile app prototyping:

  • Creation of a compelling vision: In order for companies to take a dive into quality and services provided by an app, they need a prototype that brings possible experience of the final product.
  • Prototypes reduce mis-understandings: Prototyping for web and mobile apps reduce the need for people and stakeholders to imaginary ‘fill the missing gap’ by creating a picture on what is about to be built and its end goal.
  •  Prototypes Limit Scope Creep: Produce a products’ visual representation in its early days, hence helps stakeholders identify a problem at its early stages to allow for easy adjustments.
  • Prototypes Are Perfect for Testing: Users are able to try out building services before the projects starts.
  • Prototypes encourage experimentation and iteration: Digital, pixels are cheap and affordable. They make it easier to experiment and explore different approaches until the perfect result is formulated.


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