Steve Jobs and the Missing 'Intel Inside' Sticker

Ken Segall:

Apple’s internal testing showed that the newest PowerPC processor was faster than Intel’s fastest chip. With a real competitive advantage to work with, we did what any feisty agency would do: we declared war on Intel.
Suddenly, it was to our advantage that Intel had become the unifying, driving force in PCs. We didn’t have to attack any PC maker by name—we could take on the entire PC industry simply by attacking Intel.

In a similar vein to "Mac vs. PC" -- Apple didn't have to go after Dell, HP, and, most importantly, Microsoft, individually. They could go after all of them all at once. Also, regarding the Intel ads:

(Pause for interesting fact: the voice on all three of these commercials was Richard Dreyfus—who debuted with Apple as the voice of the Crazy Ones launch commercial for Think different. We upgraded to Jeff Goldblum in subsequent ads.)

Not sure that's an "upgrade" but it is an interesting move!


I approached him with my biggest concern: “Please tell me we won’t have to put the Intel Inside logo on our Macs.”
With a big grin, Steve looked me in the eye and said, “Trust me, I made sure that’s in the contract.”

Easy to forget now, but the lack of carrier branding on the iPhone can be tied back directly to the decision not to go with the tacky "Intel Inside" stickers. 


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