Mindframing Approach for Learning & Creating


Writer and neuroscience candidate Anne-Laure Le Cunff designed the mindframing method to achieve specific goals, such as learning how to code or running a marathon. Mindframing consists in breaking down long-term projects into four different phases: pact, act, react, impact:

  1. Pact - Define the repeated action you will take, co,,it to what you will do.
  2. Act - Do the thing you committed to. This is all about learning by thinking and doing. 
  3. React - Create & share something based on what you did in #2 above. Write a short blog post about your research process and early discoveries, or tweet about the topic, you can use your notes to fuel your generation process and power your world curation exercise. 
  4. Impact - Now is time to work on something a bit more ambitious. Publish a bigger synthesis of everything you learned.


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