Data Science is Boring

Most young Data Scientists expect to spend most of the time tinkering with and building fancy ML models or presenting ground-breaking business insights with colorful visualizations. Sure, these are still part of the job.
But, as enterprises got more educated, they focus more on real operation values. This means enterprises want to deploy more ML systems; they care less about how many new models or fancy dashboards they have. As a result, Data Scientists are asked to do the non-ML works. This drives boringness.

I agree with this. I would expand on a bit, though, to say that all jobs will seem boring if you expected you'd only have to do the fun parts. There's plenty drudgery in even the best jobs, and I'm saying that as someone with a pretty cool one ;)

We're not doing junior data scientists any credit if we create unrealistic expectations for them (and there is now an entire commercial industry incentivized to do just that).


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