Look For Results-Oriented, Human-Centered A-players


In this new blog post @Matthijsvdp and I explain what you can learn from our many hiring mistakes and how to identify high-performing A-players.

Why A-players? Because great people prefer to work with other great people. If they have to fix other people’s mistakes, they feel their potential is not being used. They become frustrated, are not challenged, and ultimately lose their motivation.

A-players are intrinsically motivated and human centered, able to fit in anywhere within a company. When A-players realise they are the smartest in the room, they believe they are in the wrong room. An essential characteristic of A-players is that they don’t feel threatened by people who can do more or other things than themselves. A-players see other A-players as an opportunity to grow. Advertising guru David Ogilvy also saw this and used Russian matryoshka dolls as a metaphor. If you are so bold as to hire people who are bigger than yourself, you end up with an organisation of giants. Ogilvy warned, “If you hire people who are weaker than yourself, they will also remarkably often hire small people, so that you end up with an organisation of dwarves.”


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