Be Smart: Mike Allen Wrote The Rules Of Washington And Now Donald Trump's Destroying Them

Steven Perlberg dives into the method behind the Axios newsletter (and stream) madness:

Axios’s short-form delivery also means that items often read like interested parties simply dispensed them straight to the publication, a notion Axios disputes. But Allen’s default format — quick, punchy, and a Why It Matters you can help influence — means that the newsletter can be the perfect vessel for getting out information that’s maybe only one piece of the larger story, without the multi-paragraph demolitions you see in much of the press every day. When political operatives and government officials try to tee up exclusive stories for Allen, they say they have to be careful. The advantage of the “mindmeld” style means they can more easily circulate their talking points, but the disadvantage is it can be too obvious where something came from.

I'm a big fan of the Axios style of dispensing information (probably no surprise given that I decided to call my blog 500ish Words for the love of brevity) and have found several of their newsletters are now daily habits for me. It's one thing if an author is going to write a long, beautiful piece of prose. But much of what we consume on a daily basis is simply trying to get to information, and so much of that information is buried in superfluous grammar flourishes and tedious sentences. Axios has nailed brevity.


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