Successful Leaders Use Empathy

My newest blog post with Matthijs shows how leaders in excellent companies use empathy to build and harvest amazing successes. Some behaviors of firms that point to their empathetic culture as their main competitive advantage:

  • Their goal transcends earning money.
  • They seek to align all stakeholder interests instead of only serving investor interests.
  • Director salary levels are relatively modest.
  • Management is accessible and safe to approach; you can take problems there.
  • Staff training is longer and better.
  • Staff churn is lower.
  • Staff are empowered to ensure the full satisfaction of the client.
  • The best staff are selected for their character and whether they will respect company culture.
  • They maximize the human element in client-staff relationships.
  • By winning customer loyalty, they win access to their budgets.
  • Their marketing expenses are lower than the competition.
  • They count on loyalty coming through customer experience and word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Their suppliers are actually real partners: employees but with a different sort of contract.

More in the link to our blog post.


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