What is Product Marketing?


This post really caught my eye, and is really a great example of product marketing: it simplifies the qualities that product marketers in a way that adds value and is easy to understand

For me, the first of the two most important qualities of a product marketer are:

Operating with extreme empathy for our target audience(s)

A key skill for product marketers is not just understanding your customer, but knowing how they think. That is extreme empathy. 

The second most important quality of a product marketer is:

Leveraging data and embracing an agile mindset in every aspect of the above responsibilities to make smarter, sounder decisions to grow our product business and the overall business of the company.

To me, this is the importance of knowing everything about everything that affects the success of your product, and constantly evaluating potential outcomes as the inputs change. Although it sounds like a lot, the basic strengths and weaknesses don't change often, but it's crucial to be aware of incoming opportunities and threats. 


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