The Influencer and the Hit Man: How a Years-Long Domain Name Feud Ended in a Bloody Shootout

The journey to becoming an influencer can be long and arduous, with people going to incredible lengths to capture their 15 minutes of fame. A critical component to online fame is a name. That name is the center of a brand. Getting the same one across multiple platforms - Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter - is critical. Also important, but not as critical, is the good, old fashioned URLs. This piece follows the crazy story about how one supposed influencer attempted to get the final jewel for his online presence. A few snippets below.

Adams wanted the URL in particular to complete his brand. Maybe it was a desire to take advantage of every financial opportunity available to him, or an inherent need to own every aspect of the company he had created. For whatever reason, the domain name, one of the most old-school digital properties out there, became a point of fixation. Eventually, it would also be Adams’ Achilles’ heel.
Over the course of several conversations, a plan emerged: Hopkins would break into Ethan Deyo’s house and force him to transfer the domain to Adams.
Hopkins peeked through a window of Deyo’s house, saw Deyo on the first floor, and then proceeded to break in through the back door. By the time he got in, Deyo must have climbed to the second floor already, and what happened next was a blur: Deyo barricading himself in the upstairs bedroom, Hopkins running up the stairs after him, busting through the door, and leading him by gunpoint into the office.


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