6 tips to strengthen your online learning strategy


Even if no optimal online learning solution exists, here are a few tips coming from a teacher, as a huge amount of students and teachers will still have to deal with school closures and at-home/online learning for the next few weeks:

1. Be realistic time-wise for the live online classes, taking into account the mental state of your students,

2. Flip the way you taught in-person, using the live interactions to make sure your students are on track and connect with them, and recording lectures and lessons in a short format,

3. Don’t micromanage integrity, making assessments original and not too difficult,

4. Make tech tools optional to accommodate students’ learning styles,

5. Let students know they can ask questions about anything being taught—even if they feel silly.

6. Don’t throw new tools at teachers and students, but do take advantage of tech as you plan for the future.


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