2) Salon: "Pose" returns with Season 2, celebrates Black and Latinx trans culture 🌈


Pose is a TV drama spotlighting the legends, icons and ferocious house mothers of New York’s underground ball culture, a movement that first gained notice in the 1980s. Making television history, Pose features the largest cast of transgender actors in series regular roles.In particular, it celebrates Black and Latinx LGBTQ culture. Season 2 of FX's drama debuted today, June 11th.

Season 2 leaps the story ahead to 1990, and it debuts at a time in the present when attacks on LGBTQ people are on the rise and the hard-won laws meant to protect them are being threatened and dismantled, at the halfway point of a year in which nine trans women, all of them black, have been killed. The death toll in 2018, by the way, was 26, according to the Human Rights Campaign.


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