Running a $500,000 Retail Empire by iPhone

The future of retail isn’t e-commerce or pop-up shops or flash sales. The future of retail is smartphone. As social media consumerism cultivates a growing crop of scrappy brands, young retail entrepreneurs are skipping the physical shops and computer altogether, instead they are displaying and selling products exclusively via smartphone, thanks to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Snapchat. 

Companies like Shopify and Tictail are also powering these iPhone entrepreneurs to take their storefronts to the digital mall of Instagram. Shopify, which hosts digital stores for some 600,000 merchants, launched its deep integration with Instagram last October, and clients are actively using a mobile app built exclusively for merchants. While Tictail, the do-it-yourself marketplace overhauled its platform recently to allow vendors to post directly to Instagram’s Story forum.

Companies mentioned (YTD): Shopify (+61%), Facebook (+7%), Etsy (+63%), Snapchat (-11%)


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