This iPhone Designer Says No More Screens

Max Chafkin sat down with Tony Fadell on the anniversary of the iPhone:

My hope is that in the future, when you walk in the door of your home, you’ll take off your shoes, drop off your backpack, and leave your phone near the front door. You’ll be able to be one-on-one with everybody, but you’ll still have the capability, through connected devices, to be able to call up information if you need it. No more screens. We don’t need more screens.

Easy to scoff at this notion now, but it does feel like the backlash against screens is not only very real, but growing... They're not going to go away, but we need different types of tech to augment them.

Do you share Elon Musk’s concerns about the dangers of artificial intelligence?
My biggest worry is not AI. It’s f---ing fake news. I’m worried about these technologies that allow you to program people with information viruses. You don’t need AI to do that.

"Information viruses" is a very interesting way to put it...


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