Learning at Work


I love this article. Working in data science or distributed systems or any field at all where state-of-the-art is changing so constantly, it is a constant struggle to stay current. How do you keep up without completely forgoing any sense of a personal life?

Julia Evans crowdsourced suggestions on Twitter and came back with a ton of great stuff:

i’m on a small team so I read & reread every pull request that comes in until I understand the problem & solution fully
Reading source of what I use is a big one for me. Understand what it does internally but mainly why it does it a certain way.
Whenever I have to look something up for troubleshooting, I go a little deeper or broader than strictly necessary.

Much more in the article. If you're serious about skill acquisition, you need to make sure that have you the space to actually pursue that within the context of your actual work. If your current job doesn't support this, consider changing.


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