4) Remezcla: A Brief History of Latino Voting Rights Since the '60s


Vote, vote, vote! Make sure your Latinx friends, family and allies go vote next week (unless, as mentioned previously, they're fans of the white supremacists in power, in which case, make other plans for them that day).

Latinos – the largest minority ethnic group in the US β€“ are powerful. With 66,000 Latinos turning 18, the voting age, every single month, that force is vast enough to transform the political balance of our local, state, and federal governments. Our voting rights were not easy to attain and as mentioned here, our enfranchisement is under perpetual threat by increased voting restrictions that impact black and brown populations the hardest. Here's a great article that takes a look at Latino voting rights in the US, from preserving suffrage in the 1960s to defending it today.


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