Rebooting AI – Postulates

This post lists 10 things the author thinks need to change about the current AI industry. It's a well-thought-out and cohesive perspective, and will likely challenge some conventional wisdom you've absorbed. Here's the first one to whet your whistle:

We are trapped by Turing's definition of intelligence. In his famous formulation Turing confined intelligence as a solution to a verbal game played against humans. This in particular sets intelligence as a (1) solution to a game, and (2) puts human in the judgement position. This definition is extremely deceptive and has not served the field well. Dogs, monkeys, elephants and even rodents are very intelligent creatures but are not verbal and hence would fail the Turing test.

And, my favorite line: is reality itself rather than a committee of humans that makes ultimate judgements on the intelligence of actors.


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