How Hedgehogs Became Instagram’s Most Miserable Celebrities

If there's a more on-brand opening sentence for a Don't Mind the Fire article than this one, I'd like to see it:

Instagram fame came quickly for Anna Mathias and her pet hedgehog, Lionel.

I have such a weak spot for articles about the weird ways people use (and make money out of) Instagram.

For nearly two years, Mathias and her hedgehogs have been represented by The Dog Agency, a petfluencer talent firm that books campaigns and handles contracts for its clients. For a one-off post, Mathias typically charges at least $1,000, but she says that in the world of Instagram pets, “I’m a baby.” Animals with bigger followings can make as much as $15,000 per post, Loni Edwards, owner of The Dog Agency, told Vox in an interview.

Petfluencer, y'all. It's a word now.


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