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The Apple Bank

by M.G. Siegler


Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Makes No Sense

It's honestly hard to pick a part to excerpt from Vlad Savov's post. I basically agree with the whole thing (as I suspected I would):

Pardon me for being such a strident skeptic, but I’ve seen this pattern too many times before. It happened with the first iteration of 3D cameras on phones (RIP HTC EVO 3D), it happened with modular phones (RIP Project Ara), and it happened with Android Wear smartwatches (which are trudging on as unloved, purposeless zombies). The failed hype cycle has a common basic structure: take an application of technology that has universal, self-explanatory appeal, build a few prototypes, get to a stage where the product doesn’t look hideous, and then dump it on a market of eager consumers. Then the inevitable letdown comes, everyone starts discovering the faults and pain points, and what was once a super exciting category of sci-fi tech becomes a wearying parade of inadequacy.
To be fair to Samsung, pricing the Galaxy Fold at $1,980 is a lot like not releasing it at all...

I have not yet seen this device in person, but Savov (and others) have. It's great that Samsung is pushing an envelope, but they're clearly really going to try to push this thing (see: different color options), when it clearly should be a prototype, at best. It's hard to be a true status symbol when the actual status conveyed is clearly that you're dumb money. Good name though!


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