Google AI: Introducing AdaNet: Fast and Flexible AutoML with Learning Guarantees

Today, we’re excited to share AdaNet, a lightweight TensorFlow-based framework for automatically learning high-quality models with minimal expert intervention. AdaNet builds on our recent reinforcement learning and evolutionary-based AutoML efforts to be fast and flexible while providing learning guarantees. Importantly, AdaNet provides a general framework for not only learning a neural network architecture, but also for learning to ensemble to obtain even better models.

Google is investing heavily in automated model development, which makes all-too-much sense given their desire to sell as much TPU time as possible. These ensembles often require significantly more compute horsepower to develop and train than simpler models developed by hand.

The war between AWS, GCP, and Azure is one of the biggest competitions in tech today, and Google's biggest edge is in ML. Expect them to continue to push on this hard.


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