#2: ESPN: How Boston Red Sox manager (and Boricua) Alex Cora built a championship culture in Boston


This is a special profile on beloved Red Sox manager Alex Cora, one of the rare pro team managers who has figured out how to treat his players like humans instead of commodities and still win championships. No matter what team you root for (personally, I don't care about sports at all lol) everyone seems to think highly of him. The first Puerto Rican manager to win the World Series, Cora faced the pressure that came with a 108-win season yet carried himself with uncommon ease. He's also been a relentless advocate for Puerto Rico, and a critic of the current White House administration, in the wake of Hurricane Maria. The ONLY demand he included in his contract negotiations was this: that the Red Sox charter a plane of relief supplies to his hometown of Caguas, PR. He conducted each World Series news conference -- cognizant of the cameras -- wearing a different T-shirt that carried the same message: The Red Sox were representing both Boston and Puerto Rico.


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