AMC's Weird Paid-On-Top-Of-Paid Offering

Andrew Wallenstein:

Comcast is allowing the 19 million subscribers currently paying for its Xfinity TV service to begin accessing AMC Premiere, a new offshoot of the cable network that allows subscribers to pay $5 per month to watch its shows live but without ads. In addition, AMC Premiere will be loaded with exclusive companion content and a tier of movies supplemental to what AMC already offers.

If the shows are "live" what do they show when the rest of the "live" world sees the ads? Or do those paying for this simply finish the shows before the "live" non-paying (well, non-paying beyond cable) television viewers?

All of this continues to make no sense to me. AMC has it exactly backwards.  And it's an exclusive with Comcast?! But:

But what if AMC Premiere allowed users to watch episodes before they were available on the linear channel, as HBO Now occasionally does? Or better yet: What if AMC began to make original shows that only appeared on AMC Premiere and not on the linear channel?

This (suggestion from Wallenstein, not AMC), does makes some sense to me. Pay to access content early (without ads). And, eventually, original content not on cable. But can AMC pull off the end-run-around this way?


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