The Xbox One X probably isn't for you

Sam Byford:

But these are Microsoft’s issues to solve, not consumers’, and in my estimation the product they’ve come up with is a lot more niche than it could be. The leap to 4K is a far less profound jump than 1080p and 720p before it, and the adoption of compatible sets remains slow. Even for people who are fully on board with 4K, Microsoft’s insistence that the Xbox One X’s “true 4K” represents a major shift over what Sony is offering with the PS4 Pro is likely to ring hollow.
The PS4 Pro came out a year ago at $100 less than the Xbox One X. The PS4 is a considerably more popular platform than the Xbox One, and since its release Pro sales have only made up around one in five of all PS4 consoles sold. I don’t think this is because console gamers are hung up on the difference between “true 4K” and checkerboard rendering techniques — I think it’s because these consoles don’t make sense for most people. Sony itself said those PS4 Pro figures were “way ahead” of expectations.

I continue to believe the Xbox One X -- silly name aside -- is the console Microsoft should have released initially (knowing it may have not been feasible from a cost perspective to do so -- if I were Microsoft, I would have eaten some of the cost to own the market). Instead, Microsoft dicked around with being a "home hub" or whatnot, lost focus on gaming, and now this looks like too little/too late in the face of the PS4 juggernaut. They're losing to Sony -- Sony for Chrissakes! In 2017! -- what a blunder. 

Also, I enjoy that "4K" is the new selling point for all these things. It's not "3D TV" bad, but it's also not a huge selling point for a lot of folks. It's one of those things people will casually upgrade to over time. Then it will be nice to have. But no rush. Apple may be about to learn the same thing, it seems


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