Why businesses should be built like circles, not straight lines


The post above talks about the benefits of companies owning more of the life cycle of their products. This generally is going to result in a better customer experience and a healthier planet because P&Ls factor in more of the full cost of a product.

In parallel with this trend I am noticing more young people opt for a more minimalist, low asset lifestyle. Home ownership is being unseated as the definition of success. We'd rather rent than buy. Success is about cultural influence not asset aggregation.

Extrapolating forward, this rent vs buy choice will start to apply to more and more of our assets.

This is already taking place with cars where the cost + complexity of car ownership will begin to exceed cost + complexity of Ubering everywhere.

Will it happen with our phones and computers? Will it happen with our clothes? Furniture?

My question is two layers. Layer 1: What asset classes aside from homes and cars are good places for 'rent' to unseat 'buy?' Layer 2: what are the negative side effects of a future where most major assets are owned by companies, not consumers?


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