China's Got Jack Ma's Finance Giant in Its Crosshairs

The first line in this article sums it up quite nicely. 

"There’s no other company on Earth quite like Ant Financial." 

The financial behemoth spans payments, lending, cash flow financing, credit scoring, insurance, wealth management, and that's only what I can remember. The business just closed on $10bn in financing led by Carlyle, putting its value at $150bn ahead of an IPO, and with 870 million customers, is a once in a generation type of business. Now, in the US we had "too big to fail" financial institutions. In China, Ant is starting to look too big to keep growing. Regulators, worried about potential systemic risk to the financial system that Ant could create, are supposedly drafting regulation that will restrict the ownership structure for the first time, force minimum capital requirements, and require the company to obtain more licenses than previously needed. 


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