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I Got Bugs

by M.G. Siegler


How Mike Trout Fell to the Angels

Keith Law, speaking to Eddie Bane, the Los Angeles Angels scouting director:

I knew of Trout, but the first time I saw him was at a high school game up in Millville. Greg had done his job, but he said names I shuddered to hear, like Mickey Mantle.

And Mike Silvestri, an Angels cross-checker:

I don't have a comp! I said he's Mickey Mantle but not a switch-hitter, Rickey Henderson but right-handed. He cupped the bat in his top hand. I never saw that kind of athlete with that explosion and shortness to the ball before. He played running back, played center in basketball. Tony said, "You just threw out [the names of] two Hall of Famers," and I said, "He might be better."

The craziest part is that Trout has lived up to such hype(so far, at least). And the Angels, for all their flaws as a team on the field, have played it perfectly in both drafting Trout and keepinghim.

Plus, bonus point to Billy Beane, then the GM of the Oakland A’s (who passed on Trout), for this gem of a quote:

Since then, Trout went on his own personal iron fleet in the Greyjoy. He's the fourth Greyjoy, just destroying us, with a vengeance worse than Euron's to remind the A's they should have taken him.

There’s an “iron price” joke in here somewhere…


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