50 Cognitive Biases in the Modern World


Some of my Favorites (as in particularly important to recognize, not happy that they occur 🙂)

  • Fundamental Attribution Error - We judge others by their fundamental character, but judge ourselves by the situation.
  • Self-Serving Bias - Our failures are situational, but our successes are our responsibility.
  • Groupthink - For harmony in a group, we make irrational decisions to avoid conflict.
  • Dunning-Kruger Effect - The less you know, the more confident you are. The more you know, the less confident you are.
  • Survivor-ship Bias - We tend to focus on those rare cases that succeeded, and overlook the far more that failed on the same path. Skewing our understanding of that path.
  • Zeigarnik Effect - We remember incomplete tasks more than completed ones. Leaves us feeling like we're not progressing.

...too many good ones in there, worth scanning further.


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