Things I wish someone had explained about functional programming

It can feel hard to learn functional programming on your own. That's certainly how the author felt about it. He nailed down a couple reason why and wrote this great series.

It’s hard learning functional programming on your own. At least, that was my experience. And it ought not to be. You don’t need a PhD to understand functional programming. And I have a PhD. Yet I still struggled. The concepts are abstract, yes. But that doesn’t make them incomprehensible. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

This is the first part of the series acting as an introduction to the following parts:

[...] functional programming is fascinating because it’s so different. There’s so much to learn. So many ways to write more stable, reliable code. So many elegant abstractions that turn spaghetti code into poetry. It’s fun! It’s worth the effort to learn functional programming.


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