Why I’m Leaving Data


This is an extremely insightful post. My guess is that the author is still struggling with her own thinking on the topic, and as a result the post is a bit of a brain dump. But there's real gold in there, and it's about topics that we don't talk about much as an industry. Here are a few selected quotes:

you can deliver your best piece of analysis but there will be no guarantee that it will be commensurate with the impact you want it to have
you have no skin in the game
you don’t really work for anybody in the same sense as engineers report to an engineering lead

While being critical, the author is absolutely not negative on the field and points out a lot of the wonderful aspects of the job as well. The negative things she's pointing to, though, are meaningful structural challenges to building a career in data today that I see manifested in many organizations. We really have not figured out how to build data teams / careers yet.


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